Egg Muffins

We're back on the road this weekend, finishing up a long-overdue project! We'll need travel-ready food for both "brunch" (we don't typically eat breakfast) and dinner. We've got our favorite Keto wraps planned for the dinner portion of our day. For brunch, I will be making these egg muffins: whole food, ready to grab & …

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Pan Seared Scallops Dinner

Here's our favorite way to prepare and enjoy scallops! Searing in butter brings out the salty flavor, which is beautifully balanced by the slightly sweet, creamy, parsnips (another reason we only enjoy this dish very occasionally), and brightened by a simply dressed salad of fresh greens - delicious and deceptively easy!

Pastured Eggs

Eggs are an incredibly versatile addition to a low carb lifestyle: a quick fried egg wrap when time is short, hard boiled eggs for easy nutrition on the road, "clean out the fridge" scrambles, egg salad, deviled eggs, quiches, egg casseroles...

Pot Roast Stew

This hearty stew goes together quickly, then simmers all day to tenderize the meat and meld the flavors. Chuck or round are cheaper cuts of beef that can be further tenderized by cutting across the grain when making your cubes. Peas and carrots make this a liberal, low-carb dish.


We're back, with another dose of hearty comfort food, that fits very nicely into a low carb lifestyle! Featuring ground caraway seed, cauliflower and slightly pickled cabbage, Kohl-cannon (from Blumenkohl which is the German name for cauliflower) is a decidedly German twist on...