Learning to cook, again

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While I am no stranger to low-carb diets, I discovered the LCHF diet and the ketogenic lifestyle when I stumbled upon the Diet Doctor  website. I am a “show me the science” kind of gal (especially when you are telling me to go against everything I have ever read about nutrition!), and so it is no surprise that this is the site that finally got me to try something new! Thank you Diet Doctor!

I really missed bread last weekend for the first time since starting on the keto path. Luckily Diet Doctor had me covered with a bunch of interesting recipes:

Saturday for lunch, I enjoyed a BLT on some Oopsie Bread. It was quick to make, and somewhat bread-like, though whisper light, with a very subtle flavor.

With that success, I felt brave enough to try making their Low Carb Loaf. This was more bread-like and VERY filling! It freezes, slices and toasts pretty well, and I enjoyed it as a side to add some fat and bulk to meals.

Neither of these recipes are anything like making traditional bread. Over this past month, we have searched for and gathered up new and intriguing ingredients like psyllium husk, almond, and coconut flours to add to our existing flax meal, chia and sesame seeds. We buy eggs by the multi-dozens now! And–best of all–the drawer that used to hold bread products in our fridge, is now entirely filled with cheese! Mmmmm cheese…

MM does not know what to make of these strange new foodstuffs. But I love that he is willing to try them with me. 🙂

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Please note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist. While this LCHF and ketogenic diet experiment has worked well for me so far, your mileage may vary. This diet needs to be balanced correctly, in order to avoid potential side effects. It is always a good idea to discuss any major health decisions with your doctor before getting started.



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