Lab Results: First Look

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Well, my day of reckoning has come. Last week, I had my annual physical exam. I was both nervous and excited to see my lab results.

For these last 7 months, I have felt some small ongoing anxiety over the fact that I was essentially using myself as my very own experiment. I had some initial objective visibility into what was happening with my body, due to last year’s test results. As the weeks after initially adopting the LCHF lifestyle progressed, I also had the obvious results of weight loss, slimmer waist measurements and lots of newfound energy and clarity. And finally, when doubts would creep in, I had the scores of stories that I read online about others who have been successfully following this path for years with only positive results. These were all very helpful!

But still, everyone is different. What works for some, can be disastrous for others, and so I knew when I started back in March that I was taking a chance that I might make things worse. At the time, I had spent 4 years trying the conventional way, with only more weight gain to reward me.

I decided that I was taking an informed risk in adopting LCHF, and that there was a very good chance that it would pay off. Plus… bacon! 🙂 I made the commitment to follow through up to the point of my yearly lab results and reevaluate at that point.

That day has come. I’m happy to report that as of last week, my cholesterol has actually improved! After dramatically increasing the amount fat that I consume! And my blood pressure has come way down – yay! I am now well within the normal range again.

The only number that has not improved is my blood glucose. I am not diabetic, but it is still in the prediabetic range. The silver lining there is that it has not gone UP, which it had been doing in previous years.

So, I have more work to do. I am going to “double down” once more. I will be upping my exercise sessions from 3x/week to 6. I want to start looking at the amount of protein that I am eating with each meal, and make sure that is not out of whack. To that end, I plan to go back and figure out specific “macros” for the meals that we are currently eating. I will look more closely at intermittent fasting and see how I might fit that into my lifestyle. And I am also considering dropping dairy for a month to see what happens — but not until after the holidays. 🙂

I talked with my doctor about these strategies, and she feels that I am on a good track considering these results in combination with my weight loss so far this year, and advised me to keep on going. That is the plan!

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Please note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist. While this LCHF and ketogenic diet experiment has worked well for me so far, your mileage may vary. This diet needs to be balanced correctly, in order to avoid potential side effects. It is always a good idea to discuss any major health decisions with your doctor before getting started.



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