Quick Keto Wrap

Hi Folks, and happy fall! We have been busy these last few weeks pulling in our wood for the upcoming winter. We are lucky enough to have an unending supply here, but harvesting is quite the task!

Sometimes when we’re working hard there are only a few precious minutes for lunch and when that happens I turn to the Quick Keto Wrap to get me through! It’s simple: just 3 ingredients and I can whip one out in about 2 minutes flat! Give it another minute to cool and it’s sandwich time. 🙂

  1. Mix all well and spread evenly onto plate
  2. Microwave 2 minutes.
  3. Release from the plate using a spatula or knife to get under the tortilla all the way around, flip over and let cool for 1 minute

That’s it! A note about the spreading technique: This is the trickiest part. To ensure that you get a good, even coverage use a broad knife or spatula and turn the plate with one hand while using a “frosting” motion to spread the batter with the other.

These tortillas are a lot thicker and a little more rubbery than the ones that I posted back in January at the beginning of our grain-free experiment, but they make up for that in time and durability!

As always, thanks for stopping by! What’s your favorite Keto time-saver? I’m all ears – LOL!

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Please note: I am not a doctor or nutritionist. While this LCHF and ketogenic diet experiment has worked well for me so far, your mileage may vary. This diet needs to be balanced correctly, in order to avoid potential side effects. It is always a good idea to discuss any major health decisions with your doctor before getting started.




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