Pastured Eggs

Eggs are an incredibly versatile addition to a low carb lifestyle: a quick fried egg wrap when time is short, hard boiled eggs for easy nutrition on the road, "clean out the fridge" scrambles, egg salad, deviled eggs, quiches, egg casseroles...


Pot Roast Stew

This hearty stew goes together quickly, then simmers all day to tenderize the meat and meld the flavors. Chuck or round are cheaper cuts of beef that can be further tenderized by cutting across the grain when making your cubes. Peas and carrots make this a liberal, low-carb dish.

Eggplant Lasagna

This hearty lasagna uses thinly-cut eggplant in place of carb-filled pasta noodles. We love the subtle, smoky flavor that the roasted eggplant brings to this dish and don't miss those noodles one bit!