Keto Cabin to New Dream Cabin

Big News! We’re downsizing!

When I started this blog two years ago, I knew that it would be a lot of work. I wanted to help to get the word out about this amazing new way of eating that we had found and how it had helped us to lose weight and get healthy again. I leaned heavily on the websites listed on my blogroll to learn how and what to eat, and to stay on track as I went, and I wanted to pay that forward – to help anyone who found this little blog, and also direct them onward to my larger web-mentors.

Now that we have lost the weight, we have gone back to a less restrictive, but still very much low carb way of eating, which is where we are today. We will likely only eat Keto when we are looking for a “reset” going forward.

These days, we find ourselves still following our low carb way of eating, but also focusing on further health/lifestyle refinements: getting enough sleep, minimizing stress, regular exercise, meaningful work, and also just giving ourselves a break now and then! Since reaching our initial health goals, we have moved on to embracing this entire package and the health benefits have continued for us!

Our newfound energy has us tackling projects in many areas: photography, video, music, gardening, farming, design, DIY and building to name a few! There is so much going on here at our little cabin that we have started capturing it on a separate blog called New Dream Cabin.

Without weight loss progress to report, Keto Cabin has become a simple recipe site. We definitely plan to keep discovering and posting new recipes, but going forward we will be posting them on New Dream Cabin, in our Whole Food category. We have always tried to keep our recipes based on a whole food philosophy – no shakes, artificial sweeteners, power bars, etc…

Having just one blog instead of two, will allow us to post more often, and will save us time and money. I had thought that both blogs would eventually support themselves through people using our Amazon links, but other than one person who bought the VacuVin (Thank you!), we have seen zero revenue from this blog in the two years that it has existed. We’re freelance artists/musicians, so we really can’t justify doling out our meager and hard earned cash to support two blogs when we can realistically post everything on just one.

THANK YOU all for your interest in Keto Cabin! It has meant the world to us to have your support these last couple of years, as we found our way back to health. We would like to invite you to continue on with us – please do check out New Dream Cabin, and if you don’t mind getting a little more cabin life with your low-carb recipes then please follow us there! We’d love to have you along.


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